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Brown Antares: Uma experiência brasileira no estabelecimento de uma rede de serviços de informação em C&T, Silvia D. Ernita Joaquin and Sung Min Park A to Z GIS: An Illustrated Dictionary of Geographic Information Systems, Anne E. Smith Colonization and decontamination of quagga mussels in the western United States: Monitoring veligers in Lake Mead and field testing in the effects of hot-water spray as a means of watercraft decontamination, Sean Robin Comeau Community acceptance of affordable housing, C. Iannuzzi Fixed point roundoff noise in frequency sampling filters, Peter Stubberud Flyer — The University Libraries Lance and Elena Calvert Award for Undergraduate Research, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Focus: Information literacy competency standards for higher education, Patricia A. Lamb Improving OCR accuracy using adaptive image restoration, Peter Stubberud, Junichi Kanai, and Venugopal Kalluri Informal assessment for library middle managers, Jeanne M. Smiecinski Isolation, characterization, and genome sequence of the first representative of a novel class within the Chloroflexi that is abundant in some U. Great Basin hot springs and may play important roles in N and C cycling, Jeremy A. Murugapiran, Jonathan Gevorkian, James Han, Tanja Woyke, Susan M.

Zald, Shelly Summer, and Tasha Wade A vector matrix real time backpropagation algorithm for recurrent neural networks that approximate multi-valued periodic functions, Peter Stubberud Baccalaureate nursing education curriculum in the People's Republic of China: Status, issues, and reforms, Yu Xu, Jiemin Sun, Zhao Ming Xu, and J. Zhang Back pain in direct patient care providers: Early intervention with cognitive behavioral therapy, Nancy Menzel and Michael Robinson Back pain prevalence in nursing personnel: Measurement issues, Nancy Menzel Basic map cataloging for non-map librarians (Part 2: Subject headings and classification), Katherine Rankin Battle for the Arctic/The Tipping Point, Thomas A. Vilos Biofeedback-assisted relaxation training for essential hypertension: Who is most likely to benefit? Iannuzzi File Food and hunger: Eating in America, Alice Waters, Raj Patel, and David Masumoto For better or worse: Using wikis and blogs for staff communication in an academic library, Kristen Costello and Darcy C. Dracup Hydrostaticity of pressure transmitting medium of 4:1 methanol: Ethanol at high pressure and low temperature, Christopher Salvo and Andrew Cornelius File I Could Read the Sky, Timothy O'Grady, Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill, and Aine Meenaghan Identification of climate teleconnections and forecasting of the upper Truckee River, Thomas C. Tootle Identification of geochemical facies through major ion data and additional parameters from shallow groundwater utilizing a comparison of geomathematics and traditional methods in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, Eric Dano Identification of nitrifying bacteria contained in a commercial inoculant using molecular biology techniques, Anthony Harrington, John Perry, and Penny S. Brown Information-based network control strategies consistent with estimated driver behavior, Alexander Paz and Srinivas Peeta Information based traffic control strategies consistent with estimated driver behavior, Alexander Paz and Srinivas Peeta Insights into the Commons on Flickr, Jason Vaughan Insights into the commons on Flickr, Jason Vaughan Insights learned from teaching pathophysiology on the World Wide Web, Carolyn B. Princen In-situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction study of quartz deformation using the D-DIA apparatus, May Sas, Dawn Pape, Brian Erickson, Sylvia-Monique Thomas, and Pamela Burnley Instructing students in academic integrity, Paul A. Buehler Interbasin movement of ground water at the Nevada Test Site, Isaac J. Lucas, Sam Pitluck, Len Pennacchio, Lynne Goodwin, and Brian P.

Williams An Analysis of dynamic element matching flash digital to analog converters, Peter Stubberud and J. Bruce An evaluation of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus survival on five environmental surfaces under two different humidities, with and without the addition of bovine serum albumin, Courtney Ann Coughenour An Implementation guide for strategic meeting management programs in small to mid-size meeting firms, Monique Williams An Institutional approach to river basin management: Conflict resolution in the U. Halford An Optimization approach to the design of frequency sampling filters implemented with finite word length architectures, Peter Stubberud and Cornelius T. Gaspar Antecedents, mediators, and consequences of affective, normative, and continuance commitment: Empirical tests of commitment effects in federal agencies, Sung Min Park and Hal G. 99: A transcription for wind orchestra with historical context and transcription method, Raymond T. Brown File April Fool's Day, Josip Novakovich A Proactive approach for particulate matter air pollution management, Stephanie Fincher and Krystyna Anne Stave A Project for improving interaction between users and information centers: Public access to databases in Brazil, Silvia D. Barcellos Architecture: Reference sites on the Internet, Jeanne M. , Yu Xu A Sidney Chronology 1554-1664, Priscilla Finley A signal processing technique for improving the accuracy of MEMS inertial sensors, Peter Stubberud and Allen Stubberud Ask a UT system librarian: A multi-campus chat initiative supporting students at a distance, Darcy C. Brown A Study on eco-friendly merchandise in a resort retail environment, Lindsey C. Harter File Black Mountain Institute authors, Donna Hemans, Tom Bissell, and Josip Novakovich File Black Mountain Institute fifth anniversary celebration, Carol C. , Monique Sulls Can resource disparities explain the black-white test score gap? S.: Finding from 2000 national sample survey of registered nurses, Yu Xu Characterization of intravenous infiltrates, Carolyn B. , Ahmad Safi Climate: Past, present, and future, Saxon E. Smiecinski Climate variability, water supply, and drought in upper Colorado River basin, Thomas C. Tootle Collaboration and instructional design: Necessary campus partnerships for success in the twenty-first century, Anne E. Kurtz, Matthew Muller, Bill Marion, Keith Emery, Robert Mc Connell, Sandheep Surendran, and Adrianne Kimber Considerations in the choice of an internet search tool, Jason Vaughan Contemporary children’s literature recommendations for working with preadolescent children of divorce, P. Mc Millen and Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson Context and characterization of an arid, urban, mutli-use wetland system in Las Vegas, NV, Krystyna Anne Stave, James Pollard, B. Muth Continue stress corrosion cracking/ electrochemical testing and model support, L. Fabbi Fire history and forest structural change in the Spring Mountains, Scott R. Marks Implementing Encore at UNLV, Kristen Costello Improved back-of-the-house processes with RFID enabled it model for hospitality industry in Singapore, Chieng We Ng Improving access to safe drinking water in rural, remote, and least-wealthy small islands: Non-traditional methods in Chuuk State, Federal States of Micronesia, William J.

Leondes An Overlap study of architecture resources on the Internet, Jeanne M. Brown A Place for Wonder: Reading and Writing Nonfiction in the Primary Grades, P. Mc Millen Application of modern hospitality management practices in China's time-honored restaurants, Junfeng Li Application of the UC-LLNL regional climate system model to the Malibu Creek Watershed, Thomas C. Brown File A Reading from Commodore Perry's Minstrel Show, Richard Wiley File A Reading of selected poems, Derek Walcott Are Chinese nurses a viable source to relieve U. Del Bosque and Kimberly Chapman A Spatial and temporal analysis of microbial communities in Great Boiling Spring, Nevada, U. Patrick A survey of monitoring and management activities for conserving rare plants in national parks and protected areas, Arizona and Nevada, USA, Scott R. Springer A systematic review of species performance and treatment effectiveness for revegetation in the Mojave Desert, USA, Scott R. Newton A System dynamics model for wetland education and public outreach in an arid urban environment, Krystyna Anne Stave and Anne Rothweiler A System dynamics model to facilitate public understanding of water management options in Las Vegas, Nevada, Krystyna Anne Stave A Test of the relative effectiveness of using systems simulations to increase student understanding of environmental issues, Krystyna Anne Stave and Heather Skaza A therapeutic collaboration: The Bibliotherapy Education Project at Oregon State University, P. Mc Millen A Tiptoe through our Encore implementation, Kristen Costello File Atomic Fragments: A Daughter's Questions, Mary Palevsky A Topography of federal employees and agencies: Examining and evaluating organizational effectiveness and performance, M. Harter File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn Institute File Black Mtn. , Anna Lukemeyer and Robert Bifulco Cataloger’s Judgment: Music Cataloging Questions and Answers, Katherine Rankin Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide, Katherine Rankin Cataloging Motion Pictures and Videorecordings, Katherine Rankin Cataloging With AACR2R and USMARC: For Books, Computer Files, Serials, Sound Recordings, Videorecordings, Katherine Rankin Centers of invention: Leveraging the Mountain West innovation complex for energy system transformation, Mark Muro and Sarah Rahman Cerebral palsy: A comprehensive review, R. Zald, Andrea Bartelstein, Louis Fox, Pamela Stewart, and Lizabeth Wilson Collaborative environmental research with Native American nations: The role of history, culture, and science, William J. Danielsen Community health nursing in the People’s Republic of China: Evolution, status, and challenges, Yu Xu, Zhao Ming Xu, and Ailing Wang Community service volunteers in an university library, Jason Vaughan and Penny Whitten Comparative trend analysis of characteristics of internationally educated nurses and U. educated nurses, Yu Xu Comparing the student profile characteristics between traditional residential and commuter students at a public, research-intensive, urban commuter university, Dan Gianoutsos Comparison of blood pressure measurement consistency using tonometric and automated oscillometric instruments, Carolyn B. Abella First annual report, covering the period October 2000 - December 2001: Water quality monitoring and public outreach at the Nature Preserve in the Clark County Wetlands Park, Krystyna Anne Stave and James Pollard FIU Libraries — More than just books, Patricia A. Tester Implementation of numerically stable hidden Markov model, Usha Ramya Tatavarty Implementation of the 3M Digital identification system at the UNLV libraries, Jennifer L. Smith Improving ensemble streamflow prediction using interdecadal/interannual climate variability, Kenneth W.

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Yunkin, and Tim Skeers Government information education and training: A selective annotated bibliography, Susie Skarl and Jennifer Cox Guide to community solar: Utility, private, and non-profit project development, Jason Coughlin, Jennifer Grove, Linda Irvine, Janet F. I’m Encore and I’m a Web PAC, Kristen Costello and Priscilla Finley Helpful hints for small map collections, Katherine Rankin and Mary Larsgaard Helping you buy: Self-check systems, Jennifer L. Lederle Lateral variability of facies and cycles in the Furongian (Late Cambrian) Carbonate Platform: An example from the Big Horse Member of the Orr Formation in western Utah, U. A., Ratna Widiarti Latino worker perceptions of construction hazards, Nancy Menzel and Antonio P.

Jacobs, Sarah Johnson Phillips, Leslie Moynihan, and Joseph Wiedman Halo occupation of Lyman-break galaxies, Saju Varghese, Ken Nagamine, Jason Jaacks, and Jun-Hwan Choi File Happiness around the world: The paradox of happy peasants and miserable millionaires, Carol Graham Harroun Park: Hidden gem of Sylvania, Scott R. Matocq Health-seeking behaviors of Southeast Asian immigrants and barriers to health care: Implications for the home health nurse, Yu Xu, Jiemin Sun, Zhao Ming Xu, and Jainhui Zhang Heat and smoke effects on red brome soil seed banks, Scott R. Fabbi and Jason Vaughan HELP of Southern Nevada analysis project, Lauren Cella, Carly Dunlap, Jonathon Nunes, and Anna Vaillancourt Hemodynamics and arterial properties in response to mental stress in individuals with mild hypertension, P. Gutierrez Lead concentrations in extracted primary teeth among Clark County pediatric patients, Jennifer A. Rainey Leadership development and organizational maturity, Patricia A.

Brown Library-subsidized unmediated document delivery, Eva Stowers and Michaelyn Haslam Licensing policies of public school principals, Jerri Mausbach Lied Library at four years: Technology never stands still, Jason Vaughan Live work play: New perspectives on the downtown rebound, Karen A. Lang Local control and school finance reform litigation: Can taxpayers choose to spend more or less? Craig Mountain Monitor-4th Quarter 2010, Kenan Fikri and Jonathan Rothwell File Mountain West – Regional reports: A. Smiecinski Predictors of recall and reading time for seductive and nonseductive text segments, Ivan V.

2005- 2008 UNLV Mc Nair Journal, Valerie Avery, Shana Bachus, Karmen K. Tootle Absolute specific activities of deposited radionuclides in dust and soil samples Nellis Dunes Recreational Area (NDRA), Sajar Camara Academic and clinical dissonance in nursing education: Are we guilty of failure to rescue?

Boehlke, Andrea Flores, Alden Kelly, Erick Lopez, Carol Preussler, Heather Shay, Ava Bookatz, Shaun Elsasser, Veronica Hicks, Shaida A. Luna, Charles Mao, Sandra Ramos, Precious Rideout, Benjamin Lee Watrous, and Chet R. Zald A 2 GHz bandpass analog to digital delta-sigma modulator for CDMA receivers with 79 d B dynamic range in 1.23 MHz bandwidth, Elias H. Masenten, Matteo Conta, and Thang Victor Dinh A Basis for extending long-term streamflow forecasts in the Colorado River basin, Thomas C. , Yu Xu and Tom Meyer Academic misconduct, Marianne A.

Jetha, Anthony Quinn, Thurithabhani Seneviratne, Teddy Boado Sim Jr., Liza Ward, Amris Henry-Rodgers, Jacquelynn Kaaa-Logan, Jason Orozco, Juan C. Whitley 2009- 2010 UNLV Mc Nair Journal, Kathleen Bell, Danetta Bradley, Vacheral M. English, Sarah Harrison, Michelle Israel, Christina Macke, Erica Orozco, Pilar Palos, Sandra Ramos, Soraya A. Zald File 2011 Calvert Award Winners (left to right): Yesenia M. Buehler Accumulation of polonium-210 in different species of fish in Lake Mead, Suraj Ghevarghese John, Shungmugam Nallaperumal, and Vernon Hodge A Chance of storms: New librarians navigating technology tempests, Darcy C. Shapiro Adam Smith's theory of rhetoric and the method of Hume's dialogues, Timothy Erwin Adaptation and transformation through (un)learning: Lived experiences of immigrant Chinese nurses in U. healthcare environment, Yu Xu, Su Hyun Kim, and Antonio P. Yang Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on rhizosphere soil microbial communities in a Mojave Desert ecosystem, S. Smith Effects of sodium intake, furosemide, and infusion of atrial natriuretic peptide on the urinary and metabolic clearances of arginine vasopressin in normal subjects, Arnold M. Yucha Elastic plastic self consistent (EPSC) modeling of plastic deformation in fayalite olivine, Christopher J.

Silverman, Susan Taylor, Sajar Camara, William Mc Curdy, Yvonne C. Myroshnychenko, Ricardo Rios, Monique Sulls, Bremen Vance, and Barbara Wallen File 2010 Calvert Award winners (left to right): Thomas J. Del Bosque and Cory Lampert A Comparison of hospitality human resources practices in Greece and the United States: An analysis of human resources practices and the potential effects on service quality, John Philippakos A Comprehensive structural model of factors influencing customers' intention to use biometrics in the hospitality industry, Jungsun Kim A Computationally efficient technique for designing frequency sampling filters, Peter Stubberud A Conceptual framework for applying system dynamics to the question of urban growth, Krystyna Anne Stave and Michael Dwyer ACRL's standards for libraries in higher education: Academic library directors weigh in, Patricia A. Brown Acute renal failure: Recognition and prevention, Carolyn B. Gutierrez Adaptive management of complex environmental problems – Comparison of national nuclear waste management policies, Carmel Letourneau Adaptive traffic control for large scale dynamic traffic assignment applications, Alexander Paz and Yi-Chang Chiu A Decade of dedication to biological and biobehavioral research in nursing, Carolyn B. Wiss A Design technique for 2-D linear phase frequency sampling filters with fourfold symmetry, Peter Stubberud Adressing hidden dimension in nursing education: Cultural competence training for continuous program quality improvement, Yu Xu and Kimberly F. Yucha Digital intermediation: An exploration of user and intermediary perspectives, Silvia B. Cline II and Pamela Burnley Electronic resources on disabilities: A wealth of information on topics from jobs to recreation, Katherine Rankin and Jennifer Church Environmental engagement demand differences within and among Holland academic environments, Derek K.

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