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A couple of years ago I was walking up from Bronte Beach and a middle-aged woman collapsed, striking her head dreadfully on the concrete path; I was first to her and stuffed a towel under her head as her daughter screamed but, as I searched my high school memories for how to do mouth-to-mouth, I realised I'd forgotten.

I ran to the beach and alerted the clubbies and they rushed up with oxygen, the woman came to and everyone went home alive but I couldn't shake a feeling of impotence - if the situation had been slightly different, my ignorance may have cost that woman her life.

To you Psych majors, when you’re with a guy for nine months, you NEVER give out your phone number to another guy.

You can say Kayla is naïve or dumb or young or that she’s simply not Loyal, but the important point is that So like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L. says, “Can a girl in love actually give her number to another guy and not have any clue that it goes against Loyalty?

Surf clubs also connect you with older and younger generations and you quickly realise how your example can inspire kids as much as the craggy old diggers heading out to swim the bay inspire you. I was trying to work out what I find so attractive about some clubby girls - particularly the iron women - and it dawned on me that they don't flounce like a lot of females, they strut, they hold their shoulders back, proud of their bodies, unselfconscious, capable. If you'd like to email me with a topic suggestion or just vent, try here.

”Then you have to ask yourself this: if Kayla lies to her girlfriend, Does she lie all the time? But because you follow “The System,” you had your eyes open and you could see what was going on. Finally, why is she not constantly checking Kayla’s Interest Level in you is not 95%.

She likes you and her interest is above 50%, but given her young age, you have problems here, my friend. But women in love who are 25 years old are not so curious because they already know they have the best guy on the face of the planet. You don’t realize how many men would not have the guts to do what you did.

Why does a woman choose to stay with one man versus another over the long-term? Tom Hodges, AKA, Doc Love knows the answer to that question and much more and you can hear what Doc himself has to say in a "Doc, I just want to date, I'm not interested in advice for relationships" you might say to me. First of all, aren’t things more fun when you’re better at them? Your emotional costs can be more devastating if your ex-wife moves your children across the U. "I’ve received thousands of “you changed my life letters” in my 40 year career because of my approach and you can read them here." (Includes every game she can play and every mistake you can make)Guys..can't afford to NOT have THE SYSTEM! You may return this material for - within 60 days - if this info is not worth ,000 to you.

For the same reason you hire a coach to get better at athletics or take a class to be better in business, you should hire me for my area of expertise because I give the best dating advice to guys. If that statement sounds like a snake oil salesman puffing, ask any divorced guy what his breakup cost him.

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