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The lounge is designed to celebrate Project Imagin8ion, the first photo contest to inspire a... Located conveniently in the Austin Convention Center, the Filmmakers Lounge is the perfect place for SXSW's filmmakers to relax, enjoy complimentary hospitality and massages in a comfortable atmosphere.... Tern is providing their "Link D8" bicycles for daily use.The Code is a BBC documentary about Professor Marcus du Sautoy's search of a mysterious code that governs our world through numbers, shapes and patterns.It's also a next-generation transmedia treasure hunt aimed at all ...With great furnishings and flowing refreshments, the Circus Mashimus is a great place to talk API shop with Mashery... Attendance to this special event is by advance invite only. *up to 100 available* Follow @girls HBO to find out how to eat and drink for FREE at SXSW #mistakes GIRLSmake Here's how: 1) @girls HBO will tweet out key images at the start of every deal 2) Show the correct key image to...Dedicated to helping young companies grow, the Startup America Partnership is providing a place to meet, collaborate and mingle with iconic entrepreneurs, VCs and other startups this year in the Startup Village. Java Script is indispensable for even moderate mobile web apps as only scripts enable user interaction and integrate on device capabilities like location, camera, onboard storage or database. Public Media, or at least the public media funding model, has been cited as the future of the journalism industry.The media brands inhabit is iterative, with no beginning, no end, and little permanency.

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By exploring case studies, this panel examines several distinct approaches in answering this question based on the specific nee... In the US market, women make up just under half of the online population, but they spend 58 percent of e-commerce dollars.

The Code is a BBC documentary about Professor Marcus du Sautoy's search of a mysterious code that governs our world through numbers, shapes and patterns. But there's a missing layer that sport has ignored.

It's also a next-generation transmedia treasure hunt aimed at all ... Only the most passionate of fanatical sporting statisticians can get joy from the data that accompanies the wor...

Women are online gamers, shoppers, bloggers, and social... Today's digital cult of the social - which encourages us all to share our ideas, our habits, our friends, even our possessions on the Internet - is an assault on the individual liberty...

Brands today have more consumers at their fingertips than any TV show or magazine could ever offer thanks to an abundance of multi-connected digital platforms.

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