Facebook relationship status dating

Dating has certainly changed since the pre-Facebook age.Online dating is perplexing, Tinder can be humiliating, and Facebook can ruin a relationship.Since when did becoming official on Facebook mean so much? It’s a silly thought, and yet, many people think it’s true.

#7 The quality of your relationship doesn’t tie into Facebook. Just because you’re official on Facebook doesn’t mean your relationship is better than someone else’s. It doesn’t really serve a real purpose for your relationship.The fact that some people gain a sense of security from having their partner confirm their relationship on Facebook is just silly. It’s really unhealthy to get in the habit of measuring your partner’s affection based on their social media interactions with you. How they feel about you should be evident when you’re together.It doesn’t really matter how they treat you on Facebook unless they’re being bad to you. #3 People who know you will know you’re with someone.However, you should know why it doesn’t ultimately matter. Why it might matter more to you You might be the type who really cares a lot about having your relationship Facebook official. These are a few reasons having your relationship confirmed on Facebook might mean a little more to you.[Read: Is your guy ready for a Facebook official relationship? If you struggle with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence, you might find some extra security in making your relationship Facebook official.

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