Invalidating a patent with prior art Fre horny chat rooms

In , Blackbird Tech CEO Wendy Verlander, Blackbird Tech co-founder Chris Freeman, and Blackbird Tech employee Sean Thompson, each filed declarations in opposition to a proposed protective order.

Protective orders are important in patent litigation.

In such cases, documents classified as “HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL—ATTORNEY EYES ONLY” are limited to review by outside counsel, who are less likely to face the same sort of business decisions in the future.

When it served their purposes in opposition to a proposed protective order, the Blackbird Tech attorneys were quick to point out how much they operated only like a law firm and distance themselves from their business roles.

We’re looking for prior art on 100% of the Blackbird Tech patents.

If you are interested in helping, take some time to look into those patents where we don’t have anything yet.

Also, Cloudflare is nothing if not thorough in going after any and every argument made by Blackbird Technologies.

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You'll see there are still 20 Blackbird Tech patents and applications we’ve yet to receive a submission for.

Keith Wheeler of Illinois introduced a bill (the “Ethics in Patent Litigation Act”) that would make it the public policy of the State of Illinois that attorneys in the state, like Blackbird co-founder Chris Freeman (Linked In), should not be able to buy patents themselves for the purpose of suing on them if they are not in the business of any other productive activity.

Cloudflare is very much building on the Newegg strategy of making sure that if you try to patent troll against it, it's going to hit back hard -- which should discourage other patent trolls from trying (in Newegg's case, this has been amazingly successful, even if it took a few years).

We will continue to collect and review these submissions.

The submissions so far relate to 18 of the 38 Blackbird Tech patents and applications.

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