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When the controversy first arose in 2013, both the PAC and Donald Trump had defended the propriety of the donation.

In September 2016 it was reported that the donation violated laws against political contributions from nonprofit organizations, and that Donald Trump had reimbursed the foundation from his own money and paid the IRS an excise tax as a penalty.

She has made guest appearances on Scarborough Country with Joe Scarborough and various other cable news programming on MSNBC and worked for Fox News as a legal analyst.

Bondi was the lead attorney general in an unsuccessful lawsuit seeking to overturn the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in Florida et al v.

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The Florida Attorney General's office received at least 22 fraud complaints about Trump University.

In 2013 a spokesperson for Bondi announced her office was considering joining a lawsuit initiated by New York's Attorney General against Trump regarding tax fraud.

the Trump Foundation stated that the donation was made in error and that they had intended for it to go to an unrelated Kansas non-profit called Justice for All.United States Department of Health and Human Services.In the lawsuit the State of Florida and 26 other states argued that the individual mandate provision of the PPACA violates the United States Constitution.Your search can return basic information about a person including their age, current and prior addresses, family members, phone numbers or email addresses.Plus, you can sometimes find social media profiles, criminal records, court records, bankruptcy records, online photos and much more.

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