Updating your video

Select the Driver tab, and then select Roll Back Driver.

Under Display adapter, open up your video card properties and select the Driver tab.

Expand ‘Display adapters’, change to the details tab and set the Property dropdown to ‘Hardware Ids’ Copy each of the lines in the Value box, mine has 4 but yours might be different.

Notepad or something similar is useful to paste them in to retain them for the next step.

Compare it to SOLIDWORKS approved video card drivers and it will be of the wrong version.For more information, go to Device manufacturers regularly release firmware updates you can download to your device over an active Internet connection.Some updates are required, and some are optional—you'll typically see an on-screen notification when a new update is available or needed for your device.To proceed, you will need local admin rights to your system or contact your IT department.You may also need to make a reminder that you will need to disable these steps when you do want to update your driver yourself down the road.

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