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Purely because we all started at different times and people just thought it was ok to talk when they finished. Bluth Bananas, I wish you were right..that is not the case. The online status changes very quickly then a letter gets sent in the mail in about two weeks. I found the verbal reasoning the most difficult even though I practiced and thought it would be no dramas.

There were words in there that had I had never heard of before!

There were a couple of questions I wanted to revisit but due to the lag could not go back and do so which is going to lose me some points.

Hopefully they'll upgrade their servers and fix this issue in the future.

If i passed the oral then thumbs up I had My panel interview yesterday, I felt like I did well. Going by what others have said in this whole forum (all parts) this is the most likely outcome :( To the guys who sat the exam, I was wondering how they would do the oral test; sounds like it was shenanigans. Hope you guys went well today and if u you passed, welcome to the long arse wait! I would have thought whoever updates the your profile on the website would also email you to say yay or nay.

I was comfortable and i had no trouble answering their questions. Also we had people talking through out the entire exam, including the people in charge. Just my thoughts, hope you get some positive news next week.

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So it all adds up Taking that into account i still think i passed. 4 people got reported for failing to follow instructions or kept writing after pencils down. Just a thought in regards to the application being changed to "finished"but could it also just mean that the applicant has finished the final stage of the process? (other than a job offer) Seems odd they would have a result on the website within 24 hours but not made any contact with the applicant.Cheers The oral exam is the first portion of the test, they sit you by a pc and ask you to put on headphones with a mic.Then you are given a few minutes to make a practice recording that you can listen back to to make sure you are coming through clearly.I am worried they might reject me because of my shoulder operation... I just shot their helpdesk an email and they fixed it quickly.I can complete the fitness requirements no worries. Could also be they're updating your file so it's disabled while they do so.

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