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Check also the "Startup Type" and set it to "Automatic" or "Manual" if possible.

If the status of the Windows Time is currently not shown, then right click and choose Properties to open "Windows Time Properties (Local Computer)" window.

Many registry entries for the Windows Time service are the same as the Group Policy setting of the same name.

The Group Policy settings correspond to the registry entries of the same name located in: W32or the Windows Time Service Tool can be used to configure Windows Time Service settings.

You may have your reasons for wanting to change this to daily – or even on a monthly basis! Before we proceed, let’s learn a few things about how Time synchronization works on Windows.

The Windows Time Service or W32maintains date and time synchronization on all clients and servers in the network.

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So the Windows Time service has to be started for this to work. Under Actions, you would have to choose Start a program .

For example in Windows 8, check firewall settings in Control Panel -Advanced settings.

If the firewall is on, one has to enable Inbound and Outbound Rules for "Specific local ports" in our case UDP, port 123.

Therefore, if you consider issues like accuracy, reliability and security important for your network, an independent NTP/SNTP server is strongly recommended alternative to do the job.

Meinberg high quality time servers offer a broad spectrum of time synchronization solutions for networks of any size and industries.

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